Quality control

Immuna Organics & GlycaNova aim to produce API (active pharmaceutical ingredients) for the pharmaceutical market. The company also aims to produce products for the nutraceutical market.

We are in a position to produce products according to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical standards.

We operate with stringent quality control regimes. The absolute need for aseptic operation and sterile products necessitates this. Therefore a number of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) describe the production process, analytical procedures and the release of product.

The quality control regimes involve a constant quality checking of the product. All products must fall within the approved specifications. In addition, we monitor the quality and consistency of all chemicals that are used in production. With the technology and quality control systems outlined here, we can guarantee a product of consistent quality and bioactivity. This gives Immuna Organics & GlycaNova an advantage, particularly with nutraceuticals, as no other supplier of competing products offers the same guaranty with regard to efficacy, content and stability.