What is cβ-glucan?

cβ-Glucan is a emollient pain relieving formula for people suffering from psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and other skin complaints. Daily application will quickly relieve pain, strengthen the body & makes the skin smoother and softer, with increased elasticity. Those with pain or skin problems have reported a vast, speedy improvement.
Over 85% of cβ-Glucan users with psoriasis reported an improvement in their symptoms, and a higher proportion with their eczema.

Our philosophy is to enhance health & well-being through the scientifically-researched use of cβ-Glucans bringing relief to weak immune systems, aching bodies & the itch-scratch cycle.

For adults, children, & even animals cβ-Glucan is the micronutrient that is the natural and effective method to pain relief or moisturizing skin originally formulated in Washington and is recommended by health care professionals. 

cβ-Glucan was tested at the London Clinic of Dermatology. This patented triple helix structure contains a highly absorbable  β-Glucan unlike its single helix counterparts used on the market. It is naturally exported from the mycelium of the fungus Lentinula edodes in a proprietary fermentation process. This allows the product to remain in its natural, three-dimensional helical shape, which is responsible for its high level of efficacy.

The unique and patented production method leads to a very stable, active bio-ingredient. No preservatives are added and the product is free from pesticides, solvents, heavy metals or other animal feed toxicants. Due to the high efficacy of the ingredient, only a small daily dose is necessary to initiate enhancement of the immune system.

cβ-glucan is…

  • Adult, Children & Animal friendly
  • GRAS approved, as determined by an Expert Panel
  • Granted Novel Food Approval
  • Patent protected
  • Produced under Food & DSHEA GMPs
  • Granted Novel Food Approval and safety approval by the European Food Safety Authority.
  • Provides pain relief within minutes and strengthens the body’s structural integrity when applied regularly
  • Immune-modifying ingredients to quickly reduce scaling, itching and irritated skin such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, burns, scars, wounds, tattoos & many more!
  • 100% natural ingredients with no detected side effects.
  • No cortisone and parabens, which can cause thin, damaged and irritated skin.
    three-dimensional helical shape with high molecular weight, which are responsible for its high level of efficacy.
  • Due to the high efficacy of the formulation, only a small daily dose enhancement of the immune system.
  • Has been shown in the literature to elicit positive immune system enhancement effects that are associated with improved ability to fight “infections”.
  • Clinically-proven immune-enhancing bioactivity.
  • Activation of Natural Killer-Cells
  • Increased Interleukin-1α (IL-1α), IL-1β
  • Increased Interferon-γ (INF-γ)
  • Increased Lymphokine-Activated Killer cells
  • Suppression of prostaglandins
  • Increased T-cell differentiation and Suppressor T-cell activity

Why we use Beta Glucans

Beta glucan dosage

There are different beta glucans on the market with yeast, oats and medicinal fungi being the most common sources. Many have attempted to compare the different products, using a series of different tests aimed at demonstrating immune stimulation/modification.

For any of these tests to have any relevance to the actual use of the products, they must be tested in the environment in which they will be used. Thus, for use as a dietary supplement, the tests must be carried out in humans taking the product as intended. GlycaNova’s products are soluble and taken orally, thus all the tests results we report arise from tests and trials with human volunteers.

That there are differences between the various beta glucan products is demonstrated by the daily recommended doses give below (the figures are taken from the literature provided by the relevant companies):

source: https://glycanova.com/beta-glucan-dosage/